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Fast, Flexible, Affordable Housing with Additive Manufacturing

Using 3D Printing to Revolutionize the Construction Industry

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3D Printer Printing a House

3D Printed Homes Will Become The Next New Phase In Construction

3D Printing has moved into every corner of the world in every conceivable product application. Additive manufacturing can produce products, parts out of a wide variety of materials not available through traditional manufacturing processes. It does it better, faster with unlimited modifications.

Traditional methods of reductive manufacturing are quickly being replaced by 3D (Additive Manufacturing).
Construction techniques have progressed little over the past 40 years.
We believe that 3D Printing and other similar new construction methods are inevitable.

The Need for Affordable Housing

Small FootPrint housing is absolutely necessary to sustain economic development in our area.

  • Job Creation Primarily In Service Sector.
  • Housing Costs Exceeding Ability to Own or Rent By Working Residents
  • Low Supply of Homes and Rentals
  • Florida Business Models Are Mostly Florida-centric, Limiting Full-Time Employment
  • Young Professionals, Teachers, Semi-Skilled Workers Having Difficulty Finding Affordable Homes

3D Build Systems in the Media

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Top 4 Advantages Of 3D Printed Houses and Structures

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Enables short construction periods, meaning simple 3D houses or shelters can be printed quickly.
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Meet wind loading and earthquake requirements.
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Fewer Design Limitations

3D construction printing allows for the production of shapes that are either impossible or are too expensive with conventional methods.
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Economic Growth

Both compliments current construction jobs as well as adding new employment opportunities.
3D Printer Printing a House

Our Mission: Making 3D Printed Homes & Structures a Reality in Our Area

3D Build Systems is a company that Designs, Builds, and Deploys Robots that can print houses and other structures using concrete or other approved building materials. These structures meet specific and regional building codes and can be built in a timely manner.

Join the Revolution in Modern Construction

You can help us change the landscape by creating opportunities, spurring economic growth and providing a better life for the people who live and work in our community.

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