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Introducing 3D Build Systems

About Us

3D Build Systems LLC was founded to solve the need for economical, cost-effective, well-constructed housing for the work-force, skilled, veteran and retirement markets. In addition, the use of this technology will provide for rapid construction of large structures, immediate-need housing for natural disasters and for short-term business need housing.

With recent significant advances in 3D Printing and Additive technology, our mission is to design, build and deploy a Robot that could 3D Print a home using cement or other approved building materials in 24 to 36 hours and meet all building codes for that specific region.

Our Mission

To help change the economic landscape by creating opportunities, spurring economic growth and providing a better life for the people who live and work in our community.

Faster, More Affordable Construction is a Necessity

The process of constructing homes, buildings and other structures has made little progress over the years. The current methods are very labor intensive and require months or years to go from design to finished product. The demand for housing and other structures has increased significantly world-wide as the earth’s population continues to grow.

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Lack of Affordable Housing

This high demand and use of current construction methods the costs of building a home has now outpaced the ability for a large portion of the work force to purchase a home. This high demand has also pushed prices for existing homes to new levels exacerbating the affordability issue for many individuals and families across the U.S. and all over the world.

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Impact on Businesses

This lack of affordable homes has now created a huge problem for businesses of all types. Finding skilled, semi-skilled and work-force labor has been a problem and the lack of affordable housing has now affected the ability for companies to hire workers as the  price of homes has now well exceeded the earnings potential of much of the work- force. And the irony is that in many areas of the country the construction workers that are building the homes can no longer afford the homes they are building.

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Tiny Homes

The demand for Tiny Homes or 400 to 800 sq. ft. homes is increasing daily. The ability to produce less expensive, attractive homes that people will live in and live next to is a major issue.

The Solution: A Robot That Can 3D Print a Home

3D Build Systems was formed to create a company to design, build and deploy a Robot that could 3D Print a Home. The Robot would have these abilities and qualities…

Use Approved Materials

Use Cement or Other Approved Building Materials


Build a Home in 24 to 36 hours

Build to Code

Meet All Building Codes for That Specific Region

Use Standard Software

Follow the home or building design that is created using some of the standard 3D Modeling software.


When we created a design on our computer the Robot would build it to that exact design and with a degree of accuracy of plus or minus 0.5 mm.


The Robot must extrude cement in the design pattern at a certain speed and flow rate that could be controlled on the fly.

Broad Reach

Print up to a height of 4 + meters with a reach of 7 meters. (13 feet high x 22 feet reach).

Close Reach

Print interior walls within 12 to 15 inches of Robot base.

400 sq. ft. to 1900 sq. ft.

3D print a home or structure as small as 400 sq. ft. up to 1,900 sq. ft. including printing the interior walls all at one time.
LiteWorld - Englewood Innovation Center

Our Story

Beginning in early 2017, 3D Build Systems created a team of local business leaders, builders, Architects and Engineers to locate the necessary talent and companies that could assist us in building the 3D Printing Robot.

Building the Robot

Our biggest challenge was finding the group or individual to develop the software required to send the printing instructions to the Robot. In October of 2017 we located a company based in Waterloo Ontario, Canada that had been designing all the software for many of the Robots used in the auto industry in Detroit.

Octopuz is a 6-year-old company and their designers are in their mid-twenties. We contracted with them to develop a proprietary software for our Robot concept and within 6 weeks they created the software package that would give us the Robot operational performance we required. 3D Build Systems now owns that software.

The next step was locating an industrial Robot manufacturing company that would build our custom Robot for us. We contacted numerous Robot manufactures such as; Kuka, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Yaskawa and ABB. Motoman, a division of Yaskawa connected us with a company in Ontario, Canada that focuses on custom designed Robots. This company is i-cubed.

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We sent our specifications to i-cubed and found that what we wanted to build was well within their capabilities. In December of 2017 we received a proposal for them to build our Robot and consummated a partnership in January of 2018.

On February 8th and 9th 3D Build Systems brought the team from Octopuz and i-cubed to Englewood, Florida to present this concept to members of the community including business leaders, county officials to show how we will build homes and structures using this technology.

Making 3D Printed Homes a Reality in Florida

Q3 – 4, 2018

3D Build Systems time table is to bring the first Robot down to Florida sometime in Q3 of 2018. Prior to receiving the Robot, we will obtain cement pumping equipment adding some minor controls, feed lines and 3D Printed nozzles and perform testing on various mixes of cement and then manually print out wall sections for testing. We will work closely with the building code engineers in Sarasota and other counties to develop the correct design and do core testing, load testing and wall design concepts and obtain approval for our structures that will meet or exceed current County and State building code requirements.

This will allow us to proceed with rapid prototype testing when the Robot is delivered in Q3. Because of the nature of 3D Printing we will be able to print 3 to 5 structures in one week, giving us the ability to fine tune the cement mixtures, flow rates, machine language compatibility and get final approval from County and State Inspectors.

In Q4 3D Build Systems will begin building homes and other structures for individuals that have expressed interest in using our technology for their building requirements.

3D Build Systems Wall Design Created By Local Civil Engineer
3D Build Systems Wall Design Created By Local Civil Engineer
Rebar & Wall Configuration Sarasota – Florida Building Codes
Rebar & Wall Configuration
Sarasota – Florida Building Codes

Join the Revolution in Modern Construction

You can help us change the landscape by creating opportunities, spurring economic growth and providing a better life for the people who live and work in our community.

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