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The Opportunity

Invest in Our Future

We are currently looking for people and companies that would like to invest in this program. If you are interested in learning how you take part in this new enterprise please click on the Make An Investment button below.

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3D Build Systems Wall of Change

Support the innovative change in construction with a small donation to be recognized with a personalized plaque on “The Wall of Change”.

Opportunities for General Contractors

Another investment opportunity is specific to general contractors and real estate developers interested in purchasing shares of a robot, through 3D Build Systems. This will allow your construction team to utilize the robot(s) for projects based on the amount of robot shares purchased. We are requiring that a portion of the projects are related to addressing the need for small footprint housing in our local community.

Other Opportunities

The robot(s) can be used for other projects as well, if the small footprint housing component is met. Depending on the types of projects you utilize the robot for will determine the potential return on your investment. Other potential uses include, but are not limited to, agricultural outbuildings, artwork/statues, residential additions, commercial buildings, custom residential applications, bus stations, retaining walls, entry gates/community walls, seawalls, and small homes.

All projects will be coordinated through our Construction Management office. A robot technician team will be assigned to every project to assist with the operation of the equipment and other ancillary needs. We believe that our robot(s) can operate at a cost of $750/hour and can operate efficiently up to 24 hours per day, 5 days per week.

What is the Risk?

While we are extremely optimistic about our future and confident in our abilities to make a significant impact on our local community, like any new technology, the risks associated with this investment are great, and can result in total loss.

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